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Honors Parent/Student Contracts


Step 1: Print a copy of the parent/student contract for each student (Click print next to the ensemble you wish to print a contract for). Have the students and parents sign the form and return it back to you.

Step 2: Once the student returns the form to you, complete the online form for each student to verify that you have received their signed parent/student contract.

***NOTE: Some contracts are still pending approval from ensemble coordinators or are awaiting rehearsal locations and will be linked once approved.***

Elementary Honors String Orchestra
Elementary Honors Recorder Ensemble
Elementary Honors Modern Band (LKR) Ensemble
Elementary Honors Orff Ensemble
Elementary Honors Chorus
Middle School Honors Chorus
Middle School Honors Honors String Orchestra
Middle School Honors Concert Band
Middle School Honors Jazz Band
Secondary Honors Guitar Ensemble
Senior High Honors Chorus
Senior High Honors Concert Band
Senior High Honors Jazz Band
Senior High Honors String Orchestra
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