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Dade County Music Educators Association is an organization by teachers for teachers. Its purpose is to provide our music teachers with professional development opportunities and events that promote music education in our county. Over the past couple of years the membership has grown tremendously and we only hope to continue serving our teachers the best way possible.

The Dade County Music Educators Association is an independent group organized at the county level which strives to:

  1. Advocate support of music education programs and activities that build a vital musical culture and enlighten musical culture for the benefit and general welfare of all Dade County persons.

  2. Support funding of a total instructional program including music for all children and youth in Dade County and the state of Florida in whatever way is legitimate, feasible, and reasonable.

  3. Support and cooperate with the music office of Miami-Dade County Public Schools in promoting activities for the welfare of music for children and youth and of music teachers. It is not the purpose of the Association to duplicate activities of the music office.

  4. Provide opportunity and stimulation for the professional development of its members.

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